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I guide people through the entire process of The Paper is a Painting...from growing and harvesting source plants to creating and mounting beautiful art pieces. I feel rewarded that so many people have truly loved the whole experience. The teaching can be adapted to any time frame. During two-day workshop, students experience every basic aspect of the process. I give lectures as well as courses of several month's duration.

A vital focus of my teaching is ecological consciousness. People learn how to adapt the process to plants in different ecosystems, harvest source plants in a way that is beneficial to the plant itself, and the comminuty of nature around it. Workshops are a vehicle of awareness of the inter-connectedness of all the members of natures realm.

I feel very lucky to pass on the ancient tradition, and am happy to see the perpetuation of this sublime and rare union of art and craft.

Demonstrating pulp pouring...

Demonstrating pulp pouring at an outdoor workshop in Kauai.

Students peeling mulberry bark

Peeling mulberry bark

Kids with Suki

Students applying pulp to a screen.

They like it!

Enjoying the finished product

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