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The Process

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Susan pounding mulberry pulp.

Moving the screen so pulps disperse evenly.

visual heiku
This is a visual haiku of the process.
A plant structure. . .
is processed. . .
and the elements are recombined into a new structure.

 Certain fiber structures, such as mulberry inner bark are removed from the plant
Plant fibers cooked in lye
 They are cooked in lye to remove the plant glue that bonds the cellulose fiber

 These are then bleached, dyed and macerated -- becoming colored pulps

An art piece is Created from the pulp:


 Processed paper pulps/fibers are applied to a screen and shaped into images

 When the wet sheet dries it is peeled off the screen...
The Paper is a Painting!

Creating Art from Plant pulps - paper making process
This is my Japanese teacher's son removing a dried plain white sheet of paper from the screen.

This is a student peeling a dried piece paper art piece off of the screen.

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