"Quip" is defined by Webster as "an odd or fantastic action or thing." Kuta was a master of comedic quips!


Kuta before

Kuta went into these moods now and again-- It could be in the house. He'd stare, then tuck the tail between the legs and come over by me and sit beneath the table. Or...just sit there and stare for five minutes or so...or tuckbuttrun around after staring. We used to go to a certain beach where the mood would come upon him. He'd stare, then get up quickly and run to another place..sit down real fast...and stare...then take off and run to this other place where he'd always end up...by a big volcanic rock. He'd stay there still for up to 20 minutes kind of looking at the sea.

This area was the site of an ancient community....Some old Hawaiians I was with said, "Looks like he sees the spirits."


My boy, ADT Kuta, would "escort" my other "hairy angel", Lady, when she headed to the bedroom after I finished dinner and all the crumbs had been carefully detected and consumed from the floor. His "nightly without fail escort procedure" was as follows: He'd run along side of her as she headed for the bed, prancing with his head erect as he pushed her to the side with his body as they made the approach. His moves were rather like those of a football tackle trying to push a runner out of bounds. Lady, however, is every bit as assertive as Kuta, and always made it to her spot at the foot of the bed. After the "arrival", Kuta would stand next to the reclined Lady, hump in midair, the lick her all over...first ears, then the other end. Finally, he would go to his place...right smack dab on my pillow. Then they'd started dozing.

When I would come to bed, Lady'd jump to the floor to her L.L. Bean bed, and Kuta stayed on my pillow. Then I'd ask him to move-- generally to no avail-- and finally have to push and maneuver that "fuzzy sack of potatoes" over to his place-- which he inevitably objected to with cranky grumbles. Kuta would generally jump down to his L.L. Bean bed in the middle of the night.

Then we all slept from 9 or 10 o'clock to 5 or 6 o'clock. But the dogs kept dozing 'til about 7:00-- Then they'd rush out to the kitchen to begin their food guzzling competition. Now that dear Kuta's gone, Lady eats at a more "civil" pace.

They didn't sleep much during the day.... I am an artist... home working alot... so I know this. We were all energized by each others' presence!

Since the boy passed on unexpectedly, I am so thankful that I videoed many of his "wackey Airedale antics." However, I didn't tape the " Airedale escort service"-- so I'm glad to be inspired to record it in these words.


I want to share something Kuta used to do, that fits into the logical reasoning catagory.....

When he heard me say, "We're going," he'd burst, pel mel, out the screen door and go to wait by the station wagon door with "hula bottom" (wagging the whole body--from the shoulders on back). I always had the back seat down so Kuta and my Golden, Lady, had the whole back end of the car. When I opened the door he always barged right on in first. When Lady then attempted to get in, he would tease her and make it very difficult for her with certain playful,intense macho antics....he'd do "teeth-clapping" (called in Airedale lingo airesnaps) on her hind legs and ears, and nudge her over like a football guard, while humping in mid air. This routine evoked disgusted snarls from Lady, and finally it got so she wouldn't get in the car if he was in there first.

So here's the "smart part"..... I guess that Kuta reasoned that they weren't going anywhere if Lady didn't get in, so one day he modified the routine-- He would continue jumping in the car first, but when he saw Lady approaching, he'd jump out...wait for her to get in....and then get in. And he did this every day without fail.....I thought it was pretty darned cute and clever!


I'll share another idiosyncrasy that occured at home--Lady was rescued as well as Kuta... Something in her past made her petrified of the bathroom-- especially the bathtub....

Well, to get another reaction pattern going I started taking a cup of kibbled snack with me when I took a bath-- I put the cup on the shelf to the side...well, of course she made it to the edge of the tub-- Lady worked hard to survive at some point, so she is really, really food oriented... where as with Kuta the tennis ball won out over food! Then I'd grab some kibbles from the cup had hold them out over the water, so she'd have to reach out over the inside of the dreaded tub...and she did... without a second thought!

It became quite the looked forward to event. They flipped out when they heard the water being drawn. When the food was gone, Lady was outa' there...and Kuta...per usual, stayed to keep me company.


Kuta before
Kuta after a dip in Kailiwai Bay

There was one way to summon Kuta that worked without fail...That was to bounce the tennis ball on the wood floor...He heard it from unbelievable distances and was there in a flash...To him, ball came before food! I taught him to swim in the sea by throwing the ball beyond the waves. He would crash through or dunk under 4 foot breaker to reach the tround yellow fuzzy treasure. Then he would swim in, looking back to catch a wave and then ride it in!


I never had any problem with Kuta wrecking anything in the house. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that when he entered my life he was so pitifully sick with demodectic mange and staff he couldn't climb up the porch stairs or jump into the car for a month and a half....he kind of eased into the domestic scene. He had spent the first year of his life on a 5 foot rope. His hormones "kicked in" at about a year and a half old.......He had missed his first "seasons" due to his bad health.

When health arrived the mischief began....but it took the form of undaunted Airedale enthusiasm. Many rascalian antics were exhibited over the true object of his affection.... tennis ball-- he did scratch at things and tear up like station wagon upolstery trying to get at an out-of-reach ball. I would sometimes wear wax earplugs at night, and they were promply savored by him off the bedtable. Many loaves of bread and steaks were gobbled up in the car, after I had purchased them and then gone into the post office, without first putting them on the top of the car while I went in. The only other thing he did, to which I found myself responding with "no" alot,was jumping up on guests and "jawclapping" at them-- a real "lover boy."

He was such a good boy....