While I was in Montana having an art exhibition, my dear Airedale companion, Kuta, died unexpectedly at home on Kauai. "Billy" and "Dania" were housesitting. Shortly after I returned, a woman whom I had never met, named "Regina," phoned me to say that she had had a very special time with Kuta one day at my home while I was away. She came over that day and dictated while I jotted down this account. This event had happened a week before he was to "travel on" ---

Mr. Compassion

One day I was in a very dark hour in my soul and in a great deal of emotional and physical pain. I was sitting on a chair in the living room. Billy was just about to give me a healing session. Kuta was sitting close next to me, and started inching closer and closer . Suddenly I just broke down, completely fell apart, felt all the pain in the world and all the injustice that was threatening to destroy me in that moment. Kuta came still closer -- like he couldn't contain himself. He really picked up on my pain..... He was so sensative, with such overwhelming compassion for me...it's as if he completely felt-- not only felt ... but was trying with great compassion to comfort me. He absolutely knew what was going on inside of me and I had the feeling that most likely, he had experienced the same total loneliness and pain.

Kuta tried to climb on top of me.. If he could speak he would have said, "I know exactly how you feel and really want to help you." He was just full of love and caring. It was almost like he was trying to talk-- not whining, but making these talking noises-- not like a dog, I mean some dogs are somehow limited in their expression, but Kuta was literally communicating with me on an incredibly deep level of knowingness.... and and had the unmistakably clear intent of really wanting to help.

Billy was not able to continue with the healing session because of Kuta's intense activity and asked Dania to put him in the bedroom. Then, out of the blue, Billy said that some dogs intentionally pick up and take over all your karma. I felt that Kuta was trying to do just that. After the session Kuta came right back out and joined me again. I know now the history of his own early abandonment and pain, and can understand our interaction with even more clarity.

He was a very exceptional dog-- almost not dog like.. incredibly expressive- so full of life and joy....very personable ...not just a dog- he was feeling my feelings. He loved to talk to you through gestures, sounds and expressions. He was so very persistent in doing what he wanted....like using the cutest little manipulations to achieve his goals in ball playing....he didn't like to take "no" for and answer.

He was not only a dog....but was a person! The sharing between us will always be in my memory-- it touched me so deeply. I will always cherish it as a dear part of my healing process..... friendship with Kuta.

Regina....September 1998