To Hawaiian wild pig hunters, a Bull Terrier/Airedale cross is the dog of choice--they have nose, tenacity and strength. There are hunters and there are hunters... some treat their dogs pitifully-- others.... with some respect. We have a wonderful Humane Society, but no laws to back them in interfering with people who mistreat their pets.

Kuta had been given to my neighbor as a pup to breed with a Bull Terrier for "pig dog." He had also adopted two bull terriers..Brutus and Belle. They were kept on a chain, alone in a field with a tiny "lean to" shelter. Brutus' "home", was locted near the fence right off my driveway. His chain could be dragged through bushes and around a post to reach the fence. There was a hole in the fence, where I could be with him and it was a place that was invisible from their house. You can perhaps imagine what happened when I noticed the boy with mucus-filled eyes, worms, skin problems, foul odor of course, total lethargy and sadness...

I started giving him riceballs made with chicked broth, blue-green algae, eye meds, and antibiotic at 5 AM then 10 PM. Then I started putting a choke chain around his neck and unhooking him from his huge chain, and took him for walks around my property.......... The came the night baths.

This regime continued for 5 months, at the end of which, the boy was happy and healthy. One day I took him for a walk and all of a sudden, I looked back at him and he wavered and fell in his tracks. He had died....just like that. My first thoughts were: "heartworm"....then, "He's traveling on a happy guy-- he had love and 'spa life' for 5 months." I went and got my station wagon, lifted Him into the back, and went and laid him down on his ground on his grounds and hooked him up. He was not to be noticed for another whole day.

I wanted to share this story...of a "penitentiary mate" of Kuta....and a dear little friend, with whom I spent quality time.....