Bell and her house
Belle and her house
Brutus and Belle were an elderly couples' older pets that lived indoors, together, with their owners. Somehow Stephan was given these dogs by the couple. He separated them-- tied them to short heavy chains outside where their only shelter rain or shine was a lean-to made of two 3/4 foot plywood boards that were connected to make a peaked roof over the soil. They were tied up in areas separated by a house. They were to have no contact ever again once they arrived at Stephan's.

Unlike Brutus, Belle's place was directly visible from Stephan's house. I could see her through the fence off the road leading to my driveway. After peeking at her enough I got up the nerve to sneak in and check her out, when no one was at home. Her eyes were plugged with mucus and she squealed with joy at my arrivals. I took her out on several walks and brought her treats when I could.

I became quite daring and went to visit her carefully when Stephan was home. I finally decided I would take her to the vets for her eyes. so I parked on the road, and entered the fence over a low part , and went over to unhook her.. Her collar was attached to a chain by a square-shaped link that had an opening whose ends were connected by a small would twist the little connector to open and close the gap in the link. Well I opened the link, released it from the chain ad closed it a bit so that it would stay hooked to her collar (or so I thought!). I had almost reached the fence with her when I heard from the back lanai of the house a booming, "What the f. are you doing you ., , ....and on and on. Well, realizing there would be no reasoning with him, I said, "Hold on Stephan, I'm putting her back." When I got back to the chain I discovered that the connecting link had fallen off her collar.....Oops....!! So I started going back towards the fence to look for it....Well you can imagine his ongoing tirade..... Lucking I found the link immediately in the bushes..quite a miracle, and went back and hooked Belle up. After walking back to the fence climbed over still listening to the blaring cussing giant, and I turned around and said, "Stephan, your heart is so hurt that you can't open it up to others." And after that, he became still.