I sent this eulogy to be read at Kuta's funeral ceremony on Kauai. He died when I was teaching a workshop in Montana. In Hawiian, hui is circle and ho means again- "until we make our circle again"

A hui ho my precious friend
You entered my life with pain and need and a wagging tail
And gave to me the chance to give with all my heart
Which is the greatest blessing there is

You shared with me those simple pure joys…not words
but licks, nibbles, snuggling, tennis ball frenzy, nightly escorting Lady to the bed… without fail, gobbling food with great gusto,
and in the morning pouncing on me the minute you sensed my
awakening by a change in my breathing

You had a habit of staring at me in the eyes for minutes on end
In those moments we shared something that was far beyond the
world of human and dog

What a deep pleasure you've given me, you beautiful boy
I miss your exquisite body and personality now with excruciating pain but am glad that body will become earth again above the stream, with the redwoods filtering the glowing Kokee sun...near the home of one who opened my heart to caring for you beautiful barking creatures.

I pray that I will have the grace to feel your gentle and intensely happy, loving spirit "sniff me out" and come visit again when you're ready...A hui ho Kuta...my dear, dear love...friend of friends.

I am grateful to all of your dear human friends who are here with the boy, and gave him so much love. Here in Montana, as I look now upon the ponderosa pines illuminated by a rising sun.
I think of you all by Kuta's grave in the redwoods bathed by that same sun...and we are linked...and I am here with you.

Please sprinkle a palm full of Mother Earth on him for me.